Unlock Excellence by Rethinking Your Rules

A powerful approach to goals, talent and heart-thumping success

Unlock Excellence by Rethinking Your Rules

A powerful approach to goals, talent and heart-thumping success

Why Doesn't It Feel like Winning?

Achievement Fatigue is real and it's a dream-killer.

Dear high achievers, just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should. In fact, that’s probably what’s keeping you from reaching that higher (happier) level of success you’ve been craving. Whether you’re trying to finally lock down that promotion or you’re looking for a sense of accomplishment that’s been missing for years, it’s likely that your talents and focus are being spent unwisely.

It’s very common for successful people to get caught up in taking on too many things, often forwarding others’ agenda. And, honestly, life brings us one noble challenge after another: career, kids, aging parents, relationships, finances. And, somehow we are supposed to be expertly successful at everything?! Unfortunately, being a “good” spouse, parent, employee, caregiver, etc. begins to smother the naturally powerful version of who we always wanted to be as individuals. You seem to be following all the rules, but it doesn’t feel like your winning, does it?

With as hard as you are working, you should feel like a rockstar by now, but you don’t. And what’s worse, you come across so capable that no one thinks to offer you help. (And, you may not know to ask for it.) Until now. It’s time to review your back-to-back obligations to see what’s valuable vs. simply time-consuming. It’s time to restructure how you use your time and talent. You have Achievement Fatigue and it’s a sneaky dream killer. But I’ve got the solution.

New Rules. New You.

This is where the BS ends. You know that something needs to change because you’re here …and you want to feel spine-tingling success. Here’s how we’ll get started:

Together, we will pinpoint your most brilliant talents, skills and passions. We will take a look at what you’ve done in the past to see what has worked, what hasn’t and how you can shift course now to make your path more delicious. We will outline next steps and you will be accountable for them. You will know what you really want for the first time in a long time. You will make brave moves to get there. You will be uncomfortable, but you will not be stuck HERE. You will be accessing new levels of success . Ready?

Imagine the Possibilities

Imaging waking up every morning and being wildly motivated to reach your goals and crystal clear about the steps you’ll take to do just that. With this new clarity, you easily and confidently prioritize responsibilities that serve your goal and avoid the distraction of being everything to everyone. You have more energy, time and enthusiasm for your family, colleagues and friends. You’ll soon feel more like yourself than you have in a long time… while watching your new choices unlock higher levels of satisfaction.

Goal Clarity

Pursue what really matters. Live with purpose.

Chaos Mastery

Confidently shift stressful obligations into
win-win opportunities.

Higher Success

Your focused talent and purpose with make
you unstoppable.

"Achieved more than I anticipated...Priceless."

Lori Brezovsky - Interior Design

“I learned that I need to dig much deeper when I’m working on achieving new levels in my personal growth. I really had to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in order to see results. I enjoyed challenging and surprising myself by setting goals that felt small “on paper” but really made an impact on my life almost immediately. This experience provided me with the opportunity to give myself a structured space to focus on me and my overall growth…I loved the process and have applied various lessons into my daily practices…5-star experience.”

Let's Talk About Your Future...

You are so close to making a huge difference in your life. It's easier than you think. We'll do it together until you fully believe in yourself again. You are the most valuable player of your game. It’s time to start winning.

Everything Felt Wrong...Until I Did the Work.

I felt discouraged and lonely about the direction of my life. On the outside, I seemed to have it together: cool job, supportive family, great friendships. But, what the hell?! I was working my tail off and always coming up short in the “TaDa!” department. Why? What was I doing wrong? For starters, at some point growing up, I confused solving for success…and it stuck. The difference is: solving handles issues and success is reaching important goals. I also wanted to be all things to all people because it make me feel relevant and worthy…until I recognize that I was only helping everyone else reach their goals and forgetting myself. Coaching helped me stop the craziness.

I quickly learned to quiet the noise of obligation. I became skilled in protecting my values and forwarding my goals. I woke up energized for another day that felt optimistic instead of exhausting. I was happier because I changed the behaviors I was resenting. I became a stronger version of myself. Finally, I was so moved by this experience that I became a full-time coach so I could get you there, too. You’re ready to make this change aren’t you?