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In Their Own Words...

The first step toward your more powerful success story takes trust, in yourself and in me. I understand it’s a big decision. You are worth it. And, you are the only one who can make change happen today. Discovering your greatest strengths and committing to your dreams takes hard work but it’s there for the taking. And I am here to help. I hope you not only find your own story reflected in the words below but also find the inspiration to unlock excellence with me. They have…

"My experience was invaluable..."

Scottie Pearson - Associate Director, Consulting Firm

“As an executive in a big 5 consulting firm, I have had the benefit of great coaching and mentoring over a 26 year career. I have also been through a handful of other programs (e.g. Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny) which have been useful and thought provoking. The one-on-one time I spent with Catherine at this point in my career, however, was pivotal on several levels.

“First, her structured approach challenged me to define specific goals and really dedicate the time, as I simply have not for many years. This has been to my own detriment, which she helped highlight.

“Second, the time-based approach forced me to commit to my thinking and actioning in a new way. It is easy to ‘put off’ self work, dedicating the time to other work, family, etc. Catherine pushed me to set aside the time to get it done.

“Finally, we had a relationship where she well understood what I was and was not comfortable changing. Some of that discomfort was from years of wall building. She helped chip away some of it, which opened up new pathways. I’m grateful to Catherine for pushing me here, and for challenging me to get out of my own way. Overall, my experience was invaluable and I would recommend Catherine to anyone interested in life or career coaching.”

"I highly recommend Catherine..."


“It was a great pleasure to work with Catherine! Her Coaching strategies were impactful and helped me to identify my strengths along with the courage to make great changes. Catherine is professional, thoughtful and truly seemed committed to my professional and personal success! I would highly recommend Catherine as a passionate and skilled executive Coach.”

"Catherine has a way of bringing out the best of me..."

Lisa Hennings - Owner, Bar Method - Dallas, Park Cities

“Catherine LaBelle’s coaching has helped me gain clarity in my personal life and with my business. After each session I walk away feeling excited about new goals that we set for the week. Catherine has a way of bringing out the best of me and seems to really understand my personality. Catherine is coaching me on how I can be better in all aspects of my life. My time spent with Catherine has already changed my life for the better!”

"Achieved more than I anticipated...Priceless."

Lori Brezovsky - Interior Design

“I learned that I need to dig much deeper when I’m working on achieving new levels in my personal growth. I really had to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in order to see results. I enjoyed challenging and surprising myself by setting goals that felt small “on paper” but really made an impact on my life almost immediately. This experience provided me with the opportunity to give myself a structured space to focus on me and my overall growth…I loved the process and have applied various lessons into my daily practices…5-star experience.”

"Cat is a woman who is very well respected and trusted."

Crystal Cavender - Manager/Instructor, Bar Method

“I had the chance to have Cat Labelle as a coach and I had no idea how much I needed/wanted it. Cat is a woman who is very well respected and trusted. Each time we had a session, my direction (personal and business) was more clear. She was able to listen to me so diligently and help me open my eyes which changed my mindset to growth/opportunity rather than negative thinking while steering me in the direction of my ultimate goal. I wish I could carry her with me all day everyday! I would 1,000 percent use her services in the future.”

"The perfect balance of sophistication and sass"

Catherine Heath - Professor, University of Arkansas

“Catherine LaBelle’s coaching is the perfect balance of sophistication and sass. Her empowering style helped me reframe my reactionary responses to family crisis to become more thoughtful, yet commanding in addressing issues rather than emotions. Cat’s pointed insights and passion for tapping into one’s energy, inspired my fearless embrace of professional opportunities. While it is not Cat’s responsibility to be the solution, Cat’s coaching is a change agent and one seeking to step into their authentic self will find Catherine LaBelle’s coaching to be a catalyst for transformation.”

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