Stability vs Rigidity

As problem solvers, planners, achievers, we like to stay in control. We like a well-laid plan. And while this works to put goals in motion, manage expectations and create stability – something invariably comes up that causes us to rethink the steps. Too many of us respond by being annoyed (insulted?) that something has gone “wrong” with our perfectly planned idea. We lose valuable time and energy being stuck in this negative space when, in all honesty, we have to know that shifts and “hiccups” are very normal.

If this is how you (sometime/always) respond to upset plans, please join me today for a Rebel Reset on Stability vs. Rigidity.

I’ll touch on how to:

  • Calmy expect the unexpected
  • Keep your positive mindset to lead yourself and others forward and
  • Trust your talents to accommodate the change to your advantage!

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