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Gold Digger Project Series


Make it last the WHOLE DAMN YEAR? Hell, yes!

Let’s make a plan for your New Year’s EVOLUTION!  We all love the concept of upping our game in January, with the traditional New Year’s Resolutions.  It gives us a delicious excuse to act like wild animals during the holidays knowing that we will “clean the slate” soon.  In my opinion, it’s not unhealthy to take a break from high standards, every so often.  Drink that eggnog, babe!    But now it’s time to make yourself proud … and make it last.

The Deets:

  • LIVE Zoom workshop: Wednesdays 1-2p CST (1/6-1/27/21)
  • LIVE Zoom office hours: Fridays 1-1:30p CST (1/8-1/29/21); for further discussion and ?’s. 
  • All sessions available LIVE & recorded – accommodating all scheduling requirements. Busy shopping? Watch the recording!
  • Private FaceBook group – for materials, discussion & support
  • 1 month – Amp up your accountability. Crush your goals. Tap into your badassery ALL YEAR.

New Year’s Evolution

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Getting our shit together in January is tradition.  We are usually bloated and tired and craving routine when the new year begins.  And although we set lofty goals for ourselves, we don’t always follow through.  Why?  First, a year is a long time to stay motivated on our own. In fact, most people have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions by January 31st.  😬 Second, we tend to set inappropriate goals for ourselves that we can’t or don’t really want to work toward.  This usually leads to starting the year with a sense of “failure”.  Yuck.  Let’s do things differently this time.  


Let’s break these rules and make a better system…

FIRST, let’s not think of January as a way to fix something about ourselves we don’t like.  Let’s also avoid choosing a goal that we think we should have. Instead, let’s congratulate ourselves for surviving 2020 (you’re heroic AF for that one!).  Now, let’s pick a goal that builds on our strengths. Babe, start on a high note and go higher.

SECOND, once we make sure your goal is doable, we will work together to outline exactly how you’ll achieve it … and hold you accountable. APPROPRIATE GOAL + ACCOUNTABILITY = MAGIC RESULTS!  

THIRD, we will dig deeper into where your motivation lies and how you make yourself proud, so you can begin to structure your entire year to consistently meet (and exceed) this goal.  You’re a human who feels happiest when achieving.  Come learn how to adjust your process so you can OWN YOUR BADASSERY ALL YEAR. 

Cat LaBelle - Professional Bio

  • Owner, Rebel Mindset Success Coaching
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), iPEC
  • Master Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • 15+ years in Executive Leadership and Business Development
  • 25+ years in Management, Marketing and Sales
  • Psychology – Smith College; Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society
  • Bar Method Groupie; Type A Creative; Big Dork

"Catherine has a way of bringing out the best of me..."

Lisa massei Hennings - Owner/Instructor, Bar Method Park cities

“Catherine LaBelle’s coaching has helped me gain clarity in my personal life and with my business. After each session I walk away feeling excited about new goals that we set for the week. Catherine has a way of bringing out the best of me and seems to really understand my personality. Catherine is coaching me on how I can be better in all aspects of my life. My time spent with Catherine has already changed my life for the better!”

"Some small structure changes would make all the difference."

nicole reynolds - sr.national partner sales Mgr, logitech

“Cat’s style is non-threatening and thought provoking. She will easily and sensitively hold you accountable for what you say you want to improve on. Walk you to the right path without making you feel guilty for that choice. I would highly recommend working with her on fine tuning your own process so that you can be a better you.”

"Cat is a woman who is very well respected and trusted."

Crystal Cavender - Manager/Instructor, Bar Method

“I had the chance to have Cat Labelle as a coach and I had no idea how much I needed/wanted it. Cat is a woman who is very well respected and trusted. Each time we had a session, my direction (personal and business) was more clear. She was able to listen to me so diligently and help me open my eyes which changed my mindset to growth/opportunity rather than negative thinking while steering me in the direction of my ultimate goal. I wish I could carry her with me all day everyday! I would 1,000 percent use her services in the future.”

"Achieved more than I anticipated ...Priceless."


“I learned that I need to dig much deeper when I’m working on achieving new levels in my personal growth. I really had to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable in order to see results. I enjoyed challenging and surprising myself by setting goals that felt small “on paper” but really made an impact on my life almost immediately. This experience provided me with the opportunity to give myself a structured space to focus on me and my overall growth … I loved the process and have applied various lessons into my daily practices …5-star experience.”


I am delighted to partner again with Bar Method Dallas - Park Cities! I am a devoted Bar groupie for the freakishly effective workouts, obviously! Many of you know me because we all flock to The Bar for our much needed sanctuary & support & inspiration before we head out into the world again. But, also I am always blown away by their fierce 360 pursuit of health and wellness to their clients. Even through this pandemic they have found a way to come into our homes and keep us moving - keeping our minds, bodies and connections strong. Thank you, Lisa & Crystal & Bar Angels for everything! If you are new to Bar Method and want to know more, they will be offering special rates for membership this month. Be sure to call the studio for more details … and join “THE SHAKE”!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does this work? 
      • Four 1-hour Zoom LIVE workshops every WEDNESDAY 1-2p CST.  Due to Covid, this workshop will be online only.  Good news is that makes it easy to attend! All sessions are also recorded – so if you miss the LIVE, you won’t miss a beat! Recordings are posted on our Facebook group.   
      • Mindset Materials – I will have challenges for you in between our workshops to help you move through the steps you’ll need to take to shift your mindset and achieve your goal. Homework will not need to be turned in.  It is there to boost productivity and awareness of which actions you need to take. Documents are available on our private Facebook group
      • Support – You will have a powerful group to support you throughout this process.  ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY in this workshop! Everyone will be connecting online and on our f/b group and can ask questions, vent and encourage each other.  I will be on the f/b group and available through office hours and email for any support you may need from me.
  • What are Office Hours on Zoom?
    During our workshop, I will be available LIVE on Zoom every Friday 1-1:30p CST.  Anyone who signs on can ask me (or the group) questions, rant or celebrate progress.  Attending office hours is optional, but valuable!
  • What if I cannot attend the LIVE workshop?
    Don’t worry!  Live attendance isn’t required. Workshop recordings will be available on the f/b group for you to view at your convenience.  I recommend that you try to adhere to our group’s schedule so you don’t fall behind.  But, learning from the recording works perfectly … and some prefer it. Again, any questions you have on the material or homework can be addressed in Office Hours or posted in the f/b group and I’ll be sure they are answered in a timely manner.
  • How do I get into the private Facebook group?
    Once you are signed up for New Year’s Evolution, you will receive an email with a link to our Facebook group and further instructions on our workshops, etc.  PLEASE NOTE: we have to be f/b friends FIRST before I can invite you to the group. (New f/b rules! 🤔) 
  • How much of my time does the New Year’s Evolution take?
    That depends on your “processing speed” and how much you are trying to change during our time together.  Overall, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll need approximately two hours per week – one for the workshop, one for your homework.  Many will take more time as they get excited with their progress.  Go for it!  If time is crazy limited, you probably REALLY need this workshop so we can assess what’ going on. (See how I did that?!)

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