Gift Yourself

An easy way to boost your power and natural gifts is to take some time each day to acknowledge them. The simple act of calming your mind and focusing on what you have to be grateful for and what you have to look forward to can, quite literally, improve your chances of achieving what you want.
In this week’s Rebel Reset Show, I’ll touch on how to:
* Gift yourself a little celebration of your gifts
* Set up a lovely reminder to take this time and
* Put the theories to the test and see if you can boost your power with your mind. Why not?!
You’re magic, babe! Believe it.

Outsmart Guilt

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” ― Voltaire

Feelings of guilt require your attention. It can be as simple as you’ve done something you wished you hadn’t. A nagging discomfort, guilt can motivate you to make amends and maybe make better choices next time. But, oftentimes we allow guilt to creep into our lives as a precursor to shame. Highly productive people judge themselves too harshly for imperfection and we begin to carry a heavy burden of guilt for “failing” to do more. This version of guilt is a faulty measure of our success … and only depletes our energy and productivity.

In this week’s Rebel Reset Show, I will talk about ways to OUTSMART GUILT:

Pinpoint the source of your unease
Make a plan to fix it and maybe
Limit guilt by being more supportive and fair to yourself!