Meet Catherine LaBelle

Meet Catherine LaBelle

The decision that changed my life

I had gotten to a point in my life where I realized I was chasing the feeling of success and not finding it anywhere. I had achieved many lovely things, but I felt empty a lot of the time. I kept thinking, “Where’s my reward? If I’m doing things ‘right’, why does it all feel like a grind?” I felt simultaneously unsatisfied and guilty for not appreciating what I did have. Here’s the good news: I trusted my gut enough to know that I had to stop and figure out what needed to change so I could get more from life before I let another year slip by.

But where to start? And who can afford to stop and reassess when there’s already too little time in the day? And what am I changing to make it better? On my own, I was stuck.

That’s when my close friend suggested I consider coaching. And before this moment I would have only rolled my eyes at the thought. I was hung up on not wanting to pay for something I didn’t understand. Here’s what happened next…

I’m Type A. So, I researched the hell out of coaching until I knew what it was and what it wasn’t. Basically, it breaks down like this: coaching is a way for high-functioning people to achieve more success by setting clear goals, interrupting patterns of behavior that have kept you from those goals and building structure and accountability so your progress takes priority. Well, damn! I, like so many of us, got confused along the way about how to define success. It somehow became “be all things to all people” and I was no longer being all of myself. I was focusing my entire “badassery” on other people’s success instead of mine. That’s why nothing felt like enough. So hiring someone to champion me while I remembered how to fight for myself seemed like a long-overdue investment in me.

My results were immediate. I was blown away. Hilarious since I didn’t even know about coaching the month before. But, I quickly felt a level of confidence that I thought adulthood had beaten out of me. I was more in control of my fears. I was clear-headed and motivated about MY future. I wake up everyday knowing what I want and feeling brave about pursuing it. Wild, right?! Now, I shake my head at all the things I was spending time and money doing to make myself feel better in the moment … things that didn’t offer lasting results. Don’t get me wrong: buying shoes or booking a vacation is delicious. But it can’t replace a game-changing shift in your approach to life. Learn from my mistakes. Coaching works. Know your priorities.

I was so moved by this experience that I decided to shift careers and become a full-time coach so I could bring this release and empowerment to others. I became a certified professional coach, specializing in success and leadership development, researched everything I could find on the topics of mindset, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and professional development among others. It is my privilege to help high achievers shift from “doing it all” to kicking ass at what really matters, so they enjoy the heart-thumping success they crave. Ready to rock and roll?

Why choose me as your success coach? Because I’ve been there and I clawed my way out. I know you are ready to do the same. Let’s get to it. Something is keeping you from your best life and you have the power right now to fix it. Together, we’re going boost your confidence, talent, and precision. We’ll identify what you really want and what’s getting in your way. And then we’ll formulate an action plan with steps you can take immediately to get more of what you want out of life. The rules you’ve been playing by are old and need to change so you can win.

You want more – you know you do. You wouldn’t have gotten this far on my website otherwise. You’re ready to dig in. You’re ready to be held accountable. You’re ready to move forward. Let’s get started – it won’t be easy, but your excellence awaits!

Professional Bio

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC), iPEC
  • Master Practitioner, Energy Leadership Index Assessment
  • 15+ years in Executive Leadership and Business Development
  • 25+ years in Management, Marketing and Sales
  • Psychology – Smith College; Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society