Month: September 2020

Outsmart Guilt

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” ― Voltaire

Feelings of guilt require your attention. It can be as simple as you’ve done something you wished you hadn’t. A nagging discomfort, guilt can motivate you to make amends and maybe make better choices next time. But, oftentimes we allow guilt to creep into our lives as a precursor to shame. Highly productive people judge themselves too harshly for imperfection and we begin to carry a heavy burden of guilt for “failing” to do more. This version of guilt is a faulty measure of our success … and only depletes our energy and productivity.

In this week’s Rebel Reset Show, I will talk about ways to OUTSMART GUILT:

Pinpoint the source of your unease
Make a plan to fix it and maybe
Limit guilt by being more supportive and fair to yourself!