Unlock Excellence by Rethinking Your Rules

A powerful approach to goals, talent and heart-thumping success

Good at everything, but never really winning?

Can you relate to these struggles?

Chasing Success?

You’ve already accomplished quite a lot in your life. But what’s it all for? Where’s your spark?!


You’ve become all things to all people, with nothing left for you…and you’re spent.

Feeling Stuck?

How do you make a change when you don’t know what you want anymore? Or have extra time?

Catherine LaBelle, CPC, ELI-MP

The True Story of a Success Coach...

I was right where you are just a little while ago: life looks so good from the outside that you feel guilty for wanting more. But you know in your heart there must be more! That was me. I had a cool job, wonderful family and great friends. But something was missing that made me feel like I was failing even when so many things were going “my way”. I felt guilty, lonely and lost. I didn’t know what help I needed, let alone how to get it.

Turns out, my life had become one big string of obligations (some of them worthy and loving, of course) that kept me from reaching my most valuable goals. And coaching taught me how to fix that. I learned to identify and protect what matters to me the most. And, I regained the confidence to live for me while improving how I support those around me. I also got the tools to master the fears that were holding me back. I quickly streamlined my life to include mostly the yummy stuff and the rest fell away. Sounds good, right?

BTW I made fun of coaching until I tried it. It was too woo-woo, too expensive, too …whatever. I not only stand corrected, I stand here today a full-time coach ready to help you take it to the next level. Yup. I dropped everything to learn how to bring this empowerment to others … to you. Ready to get serious about your success?

Unlocking Excellence by Rethinking the Rules.

A powerful approach to goals, talent and heart-thumping success

Admit it … you’re a badass. You’ve done far more in this lifetime than you thought you could. In addition to your professional accomplishments, you’re the CEO of adulthood, bill-paying, family dynamics, home-ownership, etc. But as you jumped in and problem-solved for all of these grown-up issues you may have veered off reaching your personal goals. All of your achievements are commendable. But, if you have been feeling like something’s missing, it may be that you are starving for more goosebump-worthy success.

What does it take to get what you really want? It takes commitment to yourself. You must go after what is meaningful to you as fiercely as you’ve supported the goals of everyone else. By deciding to put yourself first, and with the support of your coach, you will learn to powerfully apply your talents, skills and passions. You will develop a game plan and clear action steps that forward your goals. You’ll soon feel more like yourself than you have in a long time… while watching your new choices unlock higher levels of satisfaction.

So, get powerful. Get focused … for you, this time.

Goal Clarity

Pursue what really matters. Live with purpose.

Chaos Mastery

Confidently shift stressful obligations into win-win opportunities.

Unlock Higher Success

Your focused talent and purpose will make you unstoppable!

My experience was invaluable...

Scottie Pearson - Associate Director, Consulting Firm

“As an executive at a Big 5 consulting firm, I have had the benefit of great coaching and mentoring over a 26 year career. The one-on-one time I spent with Catherine at this point in my career, however, was pivotal on several levels. Overall, my experience was invaluable and I would recommend Catherine to anyone interested in life or career coaching.”

How It Works


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